All too often we have enquiries ‘‘can you fit my own carpet i have purchased online?’’

The answer unfortunately is no, we have done this is the past and to many times lost several days of work due to no fault of our own, this often leads to customers being out of pocket and stuck with a faulty carpet.

When considering buying online we urge you to read all the supplier terms and conditions usually found at the bottom of the page, the main issues are:


‘‘When you receive your order, please remove all packaging and thoroughly check the ordered item(s) before booking your flooring fitter to ensure it is the correct quality,’’

Yes, that’s right, you are expected to inspect you 200kg 20meter roll of carpet for faults before the delivery driver leaves.


It is at the delivery drivers discretion whether he helps to lift this 4 meter wide carpet roll into your home.

‘‘Delivery is to the nearest kerbside of your address’’


‘‘Whilst every effort is made to deliver goods on the day specified, this service is not guaranteed’’


‘‘You have the right to return your item within 60 days - unless the item is bespoke or cut to size ’’

every single carpet is cut to size! (length)


‘‘In the unlikely event that you receive faulty or damaged goods, please contact us prior to cutting or fitting the item(s) and we will arrange for the faulty or damaged goods to be collected and replaced. Unfortunately, if any ordered item is removed from it's original condition (for example cut and fitted) we will be unable to replace or give a full refund for the item.’’

This is the worst one! 90% of faults do not appear until several hoovers and stretch fitted, as soon as the carpet is fitted there is zero comeback, and I must stress that as suppliers we are able to buy factory seconds direct.